Embryo Transfer

Soo we had our transfer on Monday. No AM phone calls to cancel..hooray!

I did what I was instructed and stopped to pee at a Burger King 75 min before my procedure (9am) then drank 16-20 ounces of water for my 10:15 procedure. Brian took his power wheelchair that day, which is large. I wanted him in there with me, so when they took us back they decided to have us wait for a larger room so they didn’t actually take us into the room until after 10:30. Doesn’t seem that long, but with a full bladder and body full of emotions and hormones, it seemed like an eternity! They finalllllly took us back, did some rearranging in the room and we were ready to get knocked up.
We were hoping for blastocysts but when we got there they said that of the 3 embryos 1 had stopped growing and 2 were morulas, which is what they are supposed to be at day 4. Because of this this, they suggested transferring both of them to increase our odds of pregnancy. Not what we hoped for, but trying to stay hopeful nonetheless. Not to mention the fear of twins! Holy shit! Brian asked what the odds of pregnancy are with morulas and the RE told him somewhere between 30-40% but that I had my young age going for me so maybe a little higher for us. Who knows if thats true or if she was just trying to make us feel more positive. Funny how in the infertility world I’m considered young, I’m 30, but to everyone else, especially my grandmother, my clock is ticking and I’m getting too old. I guess age is in the eye of the beholder….or something like that.
So I am now 3dp5dt in the dreaded two week wait. My beta is 3/7/16. No new symptoms or problems, just the breast tenderness that Ive had for a while. I do feel like I am hyperaware of what is going on inside my body. I never knew what it was like to feel an organ, but I definitely feel twinges in my ovaries and or uterus and can tell the difference. Crazy how aware of your body IVF makes you!
I keep going back and forth as to whether or not I will take a home pregnancy test before that or not. Part of me feels like I should in case it is negative, I will be the one seeing it, versus someone on the phone calling to tell me that. On the other hand, i feel like no matter what it come out as I will convince myself in my head that it could be a false reading and I won’t truly know until the blood test, so who knows. I feel like I get crazier with each passing day, so we shall see!! Anyone else do a home test before their beta? Why or why not?

We also have our follow up with the urologist on 3/8/16 to see what our future options are should this cycle fail or end in a singleton pregnancy, as we would love to have at least 2 kids.