Roller coaster ride

So it has been an emotional few days! My husband and I were up early (3:30AM early!) Wednesday for our retrieval procedures since the facility is an hour and half away. They put us in the “honeymoon suite” so we could be together pre and post op which was pretty awesome. He went first. A nurse came out after some time and told us the doctor found no sperm on the right and was moving on to the left. She came out after his procedure was done to tell us that they found nothing on the left either. She said the lab was going to continue checking the sample, but doesn’t think they will find anything. We were absolutely crushed. Even though hubby was still loopy from the anesthesia I could see the hurt in his eyes. They told us they would still retrieve my eggs, but would just freeze them. The urologist said there was potential of another more invasive retrieval procedure, but we’d have to wait 6-9 for him to heal before doing that. She said since she found nothing this time, she wanted us to seriously consider donor backup. This was something neither one of us were prepared for. I don’t think either one of us could think straight at that moment.

They retrieved 17 eggs from me, which is a great number, but it was really hard to be excited for anything at that point. So we left. Hubby went to work, probably to distract himself. I went home and slept. I was still really constipated and super sore and uncomfortable.   When I woke up that evening, I just kind of fumbled around the house and of course started googling sperm donor info and trying to process what had happened that morning. It just didn’t feel right.

A few hours later I got a call from our RE. He said he had good news! Apparently, the amazing embryologist kept checking and found 7 sperm to inject into 7 eggs and that they froze a total of 6 eggs. If I wasn’t so constipated I think I would’ve literally shit my pants!

They called Thursday to say that 3 fertilized normally, 1 abnormally, and 3 did not fertilize. So Friday (today) they called to say that all 3 are continuing to grow and divide!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!

So as of now we are set for embryo transfer Monday at 10:15. They don’t look at the embryos day 3 or 4, they just let them do their thing and do not disturb. There’s still a possibility of not having any make it to Monday, if that’s the case, they would call us Monday AM and cancel the transfer, but I refuse to think that’s a possibility!

We are both so freaking excited! Not just at the possibility that I could be pregnant in a few days, but at the potential for a second cycle if this one fails. The fact that they found some sperm gives us hope that they will be able to do it again in the future and takes the donor option off the table, at least for now. Talk about relief!!!

So, in the meantime I’m just trying to get some rest and relief.  Talked to the nurse today and since Colace isn’t doing anything, I’m drinking Milk of Magnesia tonight.  Bottoms Up!!!


Here is me Tuesday night bloated from stims, and then again Wednesday night completely bloated from egg retrieval and constipation!


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