I’ve had a few checkups since my last post. They measured 15 follicles total today which is a good number, uterine lining looks good and my estrogen levels are where they should be too.  The tech said that she saw more on the left this time, so turns out I’m not as uneven as I thought. Thumbs up to that! Im still on schedule for egg retrieval on 2/17 or 2/18. Im starting to get excited because its getting closer to the next stage of this whole crazy process. I now am going to be going in every morning for ultrasound and bloodwork until retrieval day.

Still only minimal side effects except for fatigue and constipation, which is most likely from the prenatal vitamins. I have also started Ganirelix, which is a real bitch.  The injection itself doesn’t hurt, but as soon as I take the needle out, the injection site gets all red, splotchy, and itchy and stays that way for about an hour.  I started taking Colace today at the suggestion of my nurse, since apparently my constipation is interfering with the ability to see the left ovary on the ultrasound.  As an OT, I talk about poop all the time with my patients, but it definitely felt weird today discussing it with the nurse.  Kinda felt like a kid being reprimanded, ha! I started blabbering on (which is usually what I do when I’m uncomfortable or nervous) about how I’ve been eating a high fiber diet and drinking milkshakes, since I’m lactose intolerant, which usually does the trick, but nothing has been working.  She just looked at me like I was nuts and suggested a stool softener and some warm apple juice and off I went.   So here I am waiting for things to literally start moving. Stay tuned!

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