Shots and Stim Checkup #1

I had my first ultrasound and bloodwork today since starting my meds on Saturday. So far there are 11 follicles on the right and 3 on the left. They didn’t tell me any measurements. This made me a little nervous, but they said that it’s normal since I just started and more could pop up on the left. My uterine lining was measuring 8.2 which they said was also good. I go back on Thursday for another round of bloodwork and ultrasound. I got a call this afternoon about my bloodwork and was instructed to decrease my follistim dosage as my estrogen level was “a little high for day 4” at 312.

Overall, I feel ok.  If I am having any side effects from the meds, they are subtle.  A little more tired and emotional than normal, but nothing too crazy.  My husband may disagree.  Not sure if thats the hormones, or just our crazy life.  When I was laying down last night I could see my right ovary sticking out a little.  Makes sense since that’s the overachieving one! I can definitely feel something happening down there, I wouldn’t call it pain or cramps, but just a weird stretchy feeling where my ovaries are….could be completely psychosomatic, or just my ovaries expanding, or gas, who knows.

The needles themselves don’t actually hurt at all.  Ive read horror stories about how bad the Menopur burns when injecting, but after my first night I didn’t know what people were talking about. Sunday night the menopur burned a little bit going in, but then last night it hurt like a real bitch!! Because my follistim is in 600IU vials, I’ll have to do 2 injections of that tonight so I don’t waste the little bit of whats left in the first vial. Awesome.

The doctor and nurses seemed very pleased with everything this morning and seem to think I’m on track for egg retrieval early next week….would be kinda cool if we had it Sunday, Valentine’s Day <3…how romantic! I am trying to stay optimistic, but today I  kinda felt a little less excited when I heard there was only 3 on the left.  I know that t’s totally normal and still early on, but I like things to be even, crazy I know! I’ll chalk my irrational thoughts up to the hormones!

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